Orlando Authorities Release New Information Regarding 3 Tragedies

The people of Orlando, Florida are recovering from a string of recent tragedies and attacks: the Pulse club mass shooting, the Christina Grimmie shooting, and a fatal alligator attack at a resort hotel. Authorities have begun piecing together each event in more detail and have released additional information to the public.

Widow of Pulse Gunman May Have Had Information

Ms. Noor Salman is currently a person of interest to federal investigators. She is the widow of Oman Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at the Orlando nightclub, Pulse. According to recently released information, Salman may have had good reason to know that her husband was planning a mass shooting or an attack of similar scale.

Salman has apparently been giving conflicting statements to investigators. Initially, she claimed she had no idea he was going to commit a violent act but later reported she had her suspicions that something was amiss. She even stated that she thought Pulse could be his intended target and that he had told her he was interested in committing a “jihadist attack.”

Investigators must now determine the truth in her statements to determine if Mateen knew or worked with others who could be a potential threat. For more information regarding this ongoing story, you can read a full article published by CNN by clicking here.

Still No Motive in Christina Grimmie Shooting

Orlando authorities have finally released the identity of the lone gunman who shot and fatally wounded performer and YouTube personality Christina Grimmie last week while she was signing autographs for fans. The killer, who was pronounced dead at the scene from a possibly-self-inflicted gunshot wound, is Kevin James Loibl of St. Petersburg, Florida. The family of the shooter posted a note of condolences on their front door but offered no other comments or interviews.

Investigators are still at a loss as to why Loibl opened fire on Grimmie, though. No clear motive can be ascertained but they are attempting to go through his electronics and belongings for clues. They do believe Loibl expected to get away from the scene and return home after the shooting, so a murder-suicide may be ruled out. He was found with two handguns and a large knife, suggesting he may have harmed others had Christina Grimmie’s brother not intervened.

Once again, CNN has published a full article about this tragedy, which may be read by clicking here.

Alligator Attacks Toddler at Orlando Resort

Visitors to the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa near Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida witnessed a terrifying scene when an alligator attacked a 2-year-old boy on Tuesday. The child reportedly wandered into the shallows of an artificial lake when the animal struck and vanished into the waters with the toddler. His body was found the next day by authorities who conducted a massive search throughout the area, including helicopters, boats, and divers. A total of five alligators were located and destroyed but there is no conclusive evidence to suggest they found the animal that attacked the young boy.

The mother of the toddler and others noted that the resort had posted signs to not swim in the water but gave no warning about alligators. The misleading warning signs and lack of information could allow the toddler’s family the opportunity to sue for damages, citing neglect on part of the resort’s owners.

If you would like more information about this ongoing story, visit the Orlando Sentinel for a full article.